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"My purpose is to empower moms to operate in their natural gifts and talents as they navigate through marriage, career, and motherhood without losing themselves."

- LaShana Stephens

"She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future."
Proverbs 31:25 NLT




Modern Mommie Mogul was created to teach, empower, and support mothers as they navigate through marriage, career, and motherhood without losing their self-identity. It is easy to get lost in the grind of working and the schedule of the family… Self-awareness is key.


Late nights and early mornings, taking the kids to school and picking them up, extracurricular activities, homework, your work schedule, your husband’s work schedule, grocery shopping, preparing meals, cleaning, laundry, and the spontaneous things that pop up without warning every day. In addition to the family and work schedules; there are different personalities of the people you encounter daily in your career and your family under one roof trying to pursue their own happiness! Motherhood has many layers and requires skills.

Modern Mommie Mogul believes that most of the stress, chaos, and conflicts that moms encounter in the home and at work can be avoided or minimized if they are able to operate in their natural gifts and strengths. Personal development is the key to change in your life. Imagine if you could use the time you are losing on conflict and/or chaos to pursue your goals. Self-Awareness is self-care, especially with the responsibility of caring for others.


This coaching program is designed for moms who want to take their relationships & career to the next level. It can help you, your spouse and your children improve your relationship by understanding how you handle conflict, recognize each other’s “triggers” and help you to understand how to communicate effectively to increase individual success and have harmony in the home.

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