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Which Mommie Mogul

Style Resonates With



     Bestie Mommie Mogul 


Friendly, charming, gregarious, and easy to talk to. She has an open door, an open mind, and an open-heart communication policy with her children. She wants them to trust her with their secrets without fear of being judged or punished. She places a high value on having a good relationship with her children. She’s all about “Good vibes”, good energy, having a sense of humor and fun. She loves to celebrate special occasions and giving her kids big birthday parties with all the bells and whistles.


Strengths: Very Optimistic. Loves you the way you are.

Limitations: “Cool mom” overkill. Unclear Boundaries.

     Scholastic Mommie Mogul


Perfectionist, systematic, well organized, “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready” vibes... over-prepared... backup plans for days. Values and prioritizes follow through, attention to detail and honor roll. Read every baby book and endless articles before she got pregnant. Researches everything related to motherhood! Family schedule expert...organizer for school events. Follows the rules and expects the same from her children. She has high expectations and wants her children to do it “the right way” to succeed!


Strengths: You will get perfect attendance, awards, scholarships, and always have back up school supplies.


Limitations: Can be critical. Difficulty verbalizing feelings.

      Soccer Mommie Mogul


FOE “Family over everything” The Rock, stable, compassionate, kind, self-sacrificing, by any means necessary... “ride or die” vibes. Keen awareness of family needs and takes it personally when someone comes for her children or family. She is a mood thermometer; she always knows the mood temperature of all her children. She values and prioritizes togetherness and keeping the peace. Loves getting together for the holidays, family vacations, and eating dinner as a family.


Strengths: Patient, Family “glue”.


Limitations: Overprotective... can be an enabler.


      Militant Mommie Mogul


Assertive, vocal, results-oriented, keeps it 100% real, sets clear expectations and boundaries for her children. “Not one of your little friends” vibe and unsolicited advice will be given. She places a high value on her children being successful, well-mannered, and respectful into their adulthood.... Having fun is not a priority and needs to be earned. Her mission is to guide, discipline, and prepare them to be successful and make their own choices in life. Believes in holding children accountable for their actions.


Strengths: Problem Solver. Can help you pivot in challenging situations.

Limitations: Over delegates, under instructs.

As you can see there are 4 styles that shape the way we mother our children. Did you recognize yourself, your mom, or any moms you know in any of the 4 different mothering styles? 

There is a good chance you were able to identify with one or more of the styles. This is because we each have a unique blend of all 4 styles and each style has it's own motivators, strengths and limitations. This is why learning your unique style is so important. If you are unaware of your blend, it makes it difficult to communicate with others who don't have your blend... and then enters conflict. We may be operating in our strengths and have good intentions... but when your strengths are overused they can become a limitation...

What can you do to work through the conflicts and rough spots in your relationship with your spouse or children when each of the 4 profiles have different “motivators”?



The Disciplinarian Mom-“Get it done”

The Bestie Mom-“Get recognized”

The Soccer Mom-“Get harmony”

The Scholastic Mom-“Get it Right”





There is an assessment included in all coaching packages and will give the full scope of your behavior and communication preferences from the beginning and help guide the coaching process to tailor it specifically for you and your experiences. This is the increase in self-awareness that allows you to not only learn more about your blend but also how you are perceived by others! 



This program is designed for moms who want to take their relationships and careers to the next level. The assessment and coaching can help you, your spouse and children improve your relationship by understanding how you handle conflict, recognize each others’ “triggers” and help you understand how to communicate effectively to increase individual success and have harmony in the home.



Don't wait! Don't guess! Get assessed! Time to get refocused and recharged! Sign up for my program TODAY! Using this coaching program will empower and encourage growth; both individually and in relationships. 


In just 10 minutes, your personalized assessment will identify:

  • Natural Behavior style & How Others See You

  • Effective Communication Strategies

  • Ideal Work or Job Environment

  • Best Practices for Continual Improvement

  • Execution Strategies  (Customized to you)

All coaching programs include:

  • Your Personalized Profile

  • A 30 Minute follow-up Zoom/phone consultation 

  • Customized 22-pg. E-book based on your personality preferences

  • 7+ Ways to Be More Effective in marriage/motherhood (PRICELESS)

  • 5+ Ways to Create the Ideal Work Environment for Yourself to reduce stress, realign your purpose and be more present with your family (PRICELESS)

  • 10 Expert Communication Strategies  to embrace or avoid (PRICELESS)


One on One Coaching

-Personalized sessions


Group coaching


-Mom groups

-Parent Education 


-Self Awareness 

-Self Care


-Working Moms


-Personal Development

-Mom Makeovers (Inside and Out)

-Strengthening Marital and Parental Relationships 




Day Program

22 page Assessment 


90 minute (1) Discovery Call 


Biweekly (2) 45 minute coaching calls


Alternate Biweekly (2) 15 minute Checkin calls



Week Program

22 page Assessment


90 minute (1) Discovery Call 


Biweekly (4)- 60 minute coaching calls


Alternate biweekly (4) 15 minute Check-in calls


Complimentary Assessment (1) 



Week Program

22 page Assessment 


90 minute (1) Discovery Call 


Biweekly (6) 60 minute coaching calls


Alternate biweekly (6) 15 minute Check-in calls


Complimentary Assessment (1) 


45 minute (1) Complimentary Session w/ guest of choice 

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