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Blind Burnout

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

THIS IS A REMINDER FOR HUSBANDS TO CHECK IN WITH YOUR WIFE. These are not the times of the casual, “how was your day?” Women are carrying many tasks… their children’s distance learning, their own work schedules, household duties and life in general. No better time than the present to step it up, Sir. Tune in to her overall well-being. When was the last time you checked in with her? How is she emotionally, spiritually, and physically?

Women rarely recognize when they’re overwhelmed. They’re on autopilot when it comes to caring for their family and can go months... even years without consistent self-care.

I know she makes it look effortless, but that doesn’t mean she’s not tired. Your wife may have been handling so many things without complaining for so long, you may think she has it all under control or even enjoys it. But truth be told, even the most skilled juggler needs support to keep up that rapid pace. It’s time to understand that the role of the provider goes deeper than sex and money! I’m not saying those two things aren’t a necessity... I’m saying she needs more than that! She needs you to have her back and not just in theory! If you want more sex… talk to her about her schedule and see what you can do to support her, or what you can take off her plate. Don’t expect her to be hot and ready after multitasking all day!

Observe with your eyes and EARS! There are always signs!

What do you see? Is she always rushing? Is she losing/gaining weight? Is she resting throughout the day? Is the house a mess? Have you seen her read her Bible or pray? What do you hear? Is she quiet... distant? Has she been on the phone with any friends or other family? Is she snappy and short tempered with you and the children? Chances are if your wife is isolated, being snappy and seems negative, she's probably hanging on by a thread!

Are you being an effective teammate? Are you making yourself available to hold her down while she takes a break? Not just in the house but cooking dinner, doing laundry, keeping the kids distracted, handling bedtime etc. Make sure she is getting the rest and the proper nutrition she needs. Kid snacks and nibbling on the food she cooks for the family is not proper nutrition. Step up to give her downtime so she can breathe and have time for self-reflection. Make sure she has time to spend with the Lord. She needs to hear the word of God to get through the high demands of her day. Life of a wife and mother can get so overwhelming she can’t even hear her own thoughts. BRO, SHE NEEDS A BREAK?

When you support your wife and listen to her needs, she will do anything for you! You want more sex… put her first! Make her feel like she has a strong team even if she’s a superhero and a solid multi-tasker. Don’t let her max out on duties and get burned out! Don’t let her efforts be taken for granted! Give your love and protection… make her feel appreciated! It’s your job to provide and protect. Building that trust and intimacy with her will create a deeper bond and inspire her to keep going! Come on KING... hold down your queen!


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